Agriculture industries are now realising the full benefits of using drone and imaging to assist with many aspects of the management of crops.

New technologies we are now working at introducing to our business soon.

Crop Imagery 


The cost of sending maned helicopter into the air for thermal imagery was out of reach for most famers, but now there is new cost-effective way of getting those images that is also faster and just as accurate. 


Things like plant health, germination and insect infestations are much harder and timely to manage on the ground but with aerial UAV gathering  images famers can be confident they are getting the correct information to assist with business decisions. 


During the growing season, Near Infrared (NIR) sensors allow you to analyse plant health through contrasting colours. Potential problem areas can also be more closely inspected. Knowing where and when to add fertiliser, water or nitrogen increases yields while also saving money. The NIR sensors can also spot weed concentrations, allow targeted applications of herbicides.

Detection of water spills in irrigated orchards using hight-resolution thermal imaging from a fixed-wing UAV platform. 

Here you can clearly distinguish with the IR Camera that these are cattle in the woodlands. 

Some times you can not control what nature will thrust upon us. With the large weather events we are increasingly having including floods the drone imagery can provide an ideal way to survey the damage. Photographic Evidence  from the air is more comprehensive than what even the most careful adjuster can provide from the ground. Farmers and insurance companies can see exactly the full extent of the damage.