More industries are looking toward using drone technologies to enable a more cost-effective way to complete completed tasks otherwise done with large aircraft.

The drone provides an enhanced prospective that would other wise not be possible. Helicopters can get up and capture footage from the air but not to the extent a drone can, and a more cost affective option.


Some of the applications a drone can be used might be:

  • Agriculture - IR imaging of crops
  • Infrastructure - checking power lines or bridges
  • Real Estate - aerial footage 
  • Energy - monitoring a solar farm
  • Construction - site survey of the land 
  • Commercial - aerial surveillance
  • Commercial - motion picture making
  • Disaster relief
  • Recreation use
  • Photography - Weddings, sports
  • Delivery services
  • Search and rescue- thermal imaging find person

These are just a few uses for the drone and the list is growing all the time. 

In the hands of trained professionals the drone has the opportunity to save time, money and lives, this said it can be a disaster if used in the wrong way and against CASA rules. 


Recent work

Recently i provided the footage for the new advertising campaign for Kyogle over the Nine network. Completed imagery for local farms and properties and provided training and consultation to people getting into the industry. 

These are some cool clips to give you an insight.

There are many applications of drone photography in many different industries. Here are  some examples from the DJI site.