Private and Corporate Support


 Do you run a business? Do you have a home network? 


If you have a network then chances are you will be needing some help with setting up, managing or upgrading it at some time. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and can help you figure out what maybe wrong, how to secure it or simply add to the existing or upgrade. 

Whether it be WiFi setup or small business cabling in your office i can help you with Installation and configuration. from small to medium Server and network installation to just desktop support in the office or home.


Business Costs? 


Good technical support can bring down your total cost of ownership and increase productivity, it is an important part of any business.Having the right advice and know you have a reliable, approachable and trustworthy support team is half the battle , and when you do find that team the you have peace of mind knowing your downtime in the unlikely event will be minimal and the solutions offered will future proof your business and keep you on top and running.


Call us if you find the guy you  have is not cutting it and you are loosing business, of if you just can't talk to them. 


If you haven't got good reliable technical support then you need to give us a call now. 


Adam Flack : 0448 1966 97


Education School Support

We support as many as 8 schools for Education Queensland , and are now extending to the Northern Rivers Schools in NSW. Schools rely on technology more than ever before, thus we play an important roll in assisting in the education of our youth. 


For the home user, the student who is trying to get study done but is  frustrated with the freezing, hanging, things not working when you need it too, give me a call and lets see if i can make it a more enjoyable experience where  you don't pull out your hair.


Call us now for a quote, consultation or for any enquiries on 0448 1966 97