Macbook, iMac, MacMini Server

Let me assist you in setting up a new Mac Server to service  your business, school network, home or private needs. There is many positive gains from installing a MacMini Server, allow me to assist you in discovering the full potential.


I can assist you with a purchase of a MacBook, MacAir and if you are a first time Mac user i can assist you with training or simply answer any questions you may have.


We can help you with installation and upgrades to the OS x and applications. Help with tutorials on how to do carry out tasks that you might be finding difficult or simply don't have the knowledge for.


How do i install an iPad App? What Apps do I need? How do I pay for them and where do I get them from?


If these are some of the questions you are asking yourself, then you need to come to my classes, to learn all its incredible features, ensuring you're getting the best out of your ipad.  I have deployed many apps to many iPads in both University and  school environment's and have many years experience.

Some of the support i offer may include App installation, understanding the iPad and what you can do with it, fixes to the iOS , re-installation of software and restoring the device and the data. 



How many times have you been stuck with how to do something on your iPad,or iPhone. If its suddenly getting stuck on a error message, or features have stopped working, or you simply what to know how it all works.

Having a good understanding of how things works helps you solve any issues which come up. If you try and do not succeed then you just simply need to know where to find help

" I can be that help"

Don't feel embarrassed, these are skills you can learn. So come in and I will help you, explaining in easy to understand ways.


You can sign up for one of my classes which I run in town where you can learn with other like-minded people, enjoy a cuppa and learn at a pace that is manageable.